Try your hands at favorite recipes of multi-starred chef Alain Ducasse and choose from various culinary classes from classic French dishes to the iconic recipes from the gastronomical restaurants of Alain Ducasse in Paris. Short classes are also available for all ages including kids and teenagers.

3* Cuisine: Alain Ducasse in Paris_

First Lesson: Meat & Poultry..

3* Cuisine: Mediterranean_

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”III

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”_

First Lesson: Meat & Poultry_

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”.

3* Cuisine: Alain Ducasse in Paris..

Christmas Brunch (Per Duo)

Spotlight on… Lobster.

All Time French Classics,

All Time French Classics.

3*_Cuisine: Mediterranean

Spotlight on Mushrooms..

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”II

First Lesson: Meat & Poultry_*

Spotlight on Mushrooms…

Spotlight on… Lobster..

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”..

3* Cuisine: Mediterranean.

All Time French Classics_

3* Cuisine: Alain Ducasse in Paris.

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”IV

3* Cuisine: Mediterranean_*

First Lesson: Meat & Poultry.

3*_Cuisine: Alain Ducasse in Paris

Bistrot “J’aime Paris”_*

3* Cuisine: Alain Ducasse in Paris.

3* Cuisine: Alain Ducasse in Paris.,

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